80s + alternative + dream pop

Joe.Blythe Joe.Blythe
240   52min (15 tracks)
A dynamic mix of some of the great artists of our time, spanning from Rhye and Patrick Watson to Flume and King K rule.
September 13, 2013 Harbor Talk
MissEighties MissEighties
220   57min (12 tracks)
All instrumental tracks from the 80's.
December 30, 2011 Instrumental 80s Vol.1
MissEighties MissEighties
370   33min (8 tracks)
Dream Pop (or Ethereal Wave) is one of my favorite genre from the 80's.
December 29, 2011 80s Dream Pop Mixtape
Martta Martta
317   58min (11 tracks)
Songs of the gloomy variety (think: The Smiths), mostly by alternative acts of the 80s (again, think: The Smiths).
November 16, 2011 Songs to listen to in ABSOLUTE DARKNESS
dcbeagle dcbeagle
73   50min (12 tracks)
Cool dreamy alt-lite-rock including music by The Church, The Sundays, and Cocteau Twins.
September 13, 2011 Cotton Candy Sky
Flashjack The Hero Flashjack The Hero
77   38min (12 tracks)
I love a good shimmery guitar, don't you? Here's some of the best—and most unsung—of its kind.
April 21, 2011 Jingle Jangly Evening
DJTrainwreck DJTrainwreck
90   59min (17 tracks)
Music I was listening to when I was 18.
February 02, 2011 1989-1990 mix