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raili.k raili.k
329   1hr 5min (16 tracks)
"dude, listen to my mixtape.
March 25, 2015 M I X T A P E
Bruno Toriba Bruno Toriba
901   1hr 3min (13 tracks)
A classic mix mainly from the 80's, for those moments when you are feeling a little nostalgic, even though I feel this playlist is ageless.
May 06, 2012 Take me to the magic of the moment
romitri romitri
2,552   36min (11 tracks)
rock sing-along hits from the 80's!! .
July 06, 2013 80's ROCK!!
everybodyknowsimyours everybodyknowsimyours
990   41min (11 tracks)
March 05, 2012 Back In T:me
axlroseismyrocketqueen axlroseismyrocketqueen
1,501   1hr 41min (37 tracks)
pretty fuckin' positive that when babies are born they are automatically programmed to recognize all of the classic rock songs on this playlist.
January 12, 2014 classic vinyl
Conreeze Conreeze
2,770   1hr 19min (19 tracks)
A short mix of classic tracks from the 80's.
November 05, 2012 80's Nostalgia
1,326   1hr 31min (20 tracks)
Classic rock hits that remind you of good times.
September 16, 2012 End of Summer Mix
yougonnashine yougonnashine
2,013   2hr 46min (50 tracks)
50 classic songs that your parents loved to.
September 08, 2012 mom's birthday
oh_livia oh_livia
196   37min (9 tracks)
Includes David Bowie, PJ Harvey and Velvet Underground.
December 24, 2013 The Lost & The Found
fabulate fabulate
3,179   38min (10 tracks)
September 14, 2014 Glory 80s
chrisvaleri chrisvaleri
668   1hr 14min (18 tracks)
These 18 tracks are a "soundtrack" to my years, 1977 to 1981, at Leominster High School, in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA.
November 18, 2012 Leminstah Blue Devils
SpencerCrabbe SpencerCrabbe
263   47min (12 tracks)
Neil Young, The Beatles, Nirvana and many more classics.
January 21, 2014 Nostalgia