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leeugh leeugh
4,022   (14 tracks)
some of my favorite songs from the '80s.
September 04, 2013 throwback
Underwear Dance Party
mcmasterpiece mcmasterpiece
1,006   17min (18 tracks)
The title is pretty self explanatory.
July 27, 2011 Underwear Dance Party
let's pretend we're in an 80's movie
lovedoesnotconquer lovedoesnotconquer
13,696   (19 tracks)
all of my 80's pop favorites in one place.
June 05, 2014 let's pretend we're in an 80's movie
Still Preoccupied With 1985
laylaxcx laylaxcx
8,945   (20 tracks)
inspired by some great movies and shows.
May 26, 2014 Still Preoccupied With 1985
totally awesome
helenaharris helenaharris
6,408   (16 tracks)
My favorite songs from the 80s and the most famous ones.
September 12, 2014 totally awesome
ferris bueller's playlist
kkwuzhere kkwuzhere
everything 80s.
December 25, 2013 ferris bueller's playlist
Don't you forget about me
purrmaid purrmaid
1,263   (26 tracks)
Old music from the 80's that you can never forget, bring it back ! x Just some of the one's I could find haha .
July 25, 2013 Don't you forget about me
material girls just want to have fun
ejos ejos
3,213   13min (10 tracks)
the 80s.
July 18, 2013 material girls just want to have fun
Just 80's
isa123bella isa123bella
615   (8 tracks)
we're sending you back.
August 13, 2013 Just 80's
80's baby
jaredletos jaredletos
2,752   (16 tracks)
best when you're feeling nostalgic ♡ hope you enjoy! :-).
July 09, 2014 80's baby
hi 80s, i'm dad.
Misswhimsy Misswhimsy
4,469   (24 tracks)
a mix of all the songs I grew up with, courtesy of my dad.
July 02, 2014 hi 80s, i'm dad.