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a neverending rock playlist
DarkPurple DarkPurple
34,160   (74 tracks)
Like you are listening to the best rock radio channel ever .
May 04, 2013 a neverending rock playlist
we will, we will rock you
sherxoxo sherxoxo
Classic old rock songs to get you through your day.
September 28, 2013 we will, we will rock you
Dad's Passenger Seat
cubismdream cubismdream
173   38min (13 tracks)
When I was young my dad would take me on really long trips for his job to keep him company.
April 05, 2011 Dad's Passenger Seat
Growing Up Music
brandon.sheibe brandon.sheibe
6,069   (29 tracks)
All the best music from growing up!.
February 11, 2013 Growing Up Music
90's Nostalgia
bmontgomery bmontgomery
2,592   59min (30 tracks)
Thirty tracks to bring back memories including music by Counting Crows, The Wallflowers, and Smashing Pumpkins.
May 23, 2011 90's Nostalgia
oldies I love thanks to my mom
Andrea de Alba Andrea de Alba
998   32min (16 tracks)
Songs I've grown up listening to and never get tired of hearing.
December 12, 2010 oldies I love thanks to my mom
I once was a badass
chuuhc chuuhc
1,278   (16 tracks)
Music of the late 90s and early 2000s, sure you'd remember these.
February 03, 2012 I once was a badass
Fuck, I miss the 90's!
erickvazdel erickvazdel
1,156   (19 tracks)
21 awesome songs that will take you back to the 90's.
February 01, 2012 Fuck, I miss the 90's!
The Shit
AlwaysSunny AlwaysSunny
1,022   (49 tracks)
Headphones: In.
March 04, 2013 The Shit
90s rock
bad.luck bad.luck
3,056   (40 tracks)
Strictly 90s rock songs.
March 23, 2014 90s rock
Amer-ijuana the beautiful
FunkMaster.Dowski FunkMaster.Dowski
7,678   (14 tracks)
Great Riffs to get stoned to :) Happy 4/20! Track list includes a variety of alternative tracks and classic rock tracks that are great to smoke to! enj...
April 20, 2013 Amer-ijuana the beautiful