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saela saela
7,719   2hr 38min (40 tracks)
Best mashup songs I've heard so far.
August 30, 2013 Mashups: 90's, Alternatives and more
OL711 OL711
712   59min (14 tracks)
15 songs from the 90's including:Stone Temple Pilots,foo fighters,vanilla Ice.
July 06, 2012 So totally 90s!
mondaysblue mondaysblue
22,503   3hr 23min (49 tracks)
a bit of pop, a bunch of rock, and a whole lot of 90s brilliance (a bunch of lovely 90s songs in no specific order) .
July 24, 2013 play a little 90s, darling
nicholasFM. nicholasFM.
11,869   2hr 26min (36 tracks)
Take a trip down memory lane with this 90s alternative playlist.
September 27, 2012 The '90s Are ALL THAT!
T2track T2track
8,165   1hr 29min (25 tracks)
Some of my favorite tunes growing up as a kid in the 1990's! FLASHBACK If you were a kid in the 90's you should love this! "Who Love's Orange Soda?" ...
February 13, 2013 That 90's Mix!
VIP Sisters VIP Sisters
1,568   1hr 18min (19 tracks)
A propósito de la nueva colección 'Cool Kids' inspirada netamente en los años 90, hemos decidido publicar este playlist con canciones que marcaron esos...
August 24, 2013 COOL KIDS: 90S LOVE.
nashke nashke
442   1hr 2min (16 tracks)
My personal nostalgia.
May 21, 2012 How Bizzare: 80's-90's eclectix
MichaelMurtagh MichaelMurtagh
2,576   1hr 28min (24 tracks)
Songs I can remember hearing on the radio growing up in the 90's and a few songs from the early 2000's.
November 02, 2012 90's Kid Nostalgia
vanessa_jayy vanessa_jayy
2,735   1hr 11min (22 tracks)
How you doin' ?.
August 16, 2014 90's Kids
vatsan vatsan
8,829   2hr 10min (32 tracks)
Songs from the 90's that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Guaranteed to bring back memories, induce nostalgia and sing-alongs.
September 04, 2014 The ULTIMATE 90's Feel Good Playlist
TheBearProgrammer TheBearProgrammer
449   44min (12 tracks)
Nineties kids only need apply.
June 17, 2013 Only 90s Kids
CPBlaga CPBlaga
1,928   1hr 35min (24 tracks)
I wish I could travel back in time.
May 21, 2013 90's!!!