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TheSourceAbe TheSourceAbe
10,251   1d 6hr 23min (447 tracks)
800+ tracks of nothing but, Death Metal.
June 09, 2012 A Lot Heavier, Something Different, A Different Attitude.
zadorocker zadorocker
889   10hr 56min (152 tracks)
11hr 10min (151 tracks) OF METAL AND CORE THAT THEY WILL TEAR YOUR SENSES!!!! A brutal mix of death metal, , deathcore, black metal,thrash metal, hard...
April 12, 2014 Extreme
Ali_nava Ali_nava
430   36min (10 tracks)
Mostly Of Mice and Men, Three Days Grace, Bring me the Horizon 12 tracks.
February 02, 2014 Metalcore and Alternative Rock