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brightlynd brightlynd
241   1hr 3min (15 tracks)
i really don't know how to describe this playlist, other than that I feel like these songs are those timeless songs that you could listen to year after...
April 04, 2015 timeless
for the 1am can't-sleepers
yazghotb yazghotb
1,003   55min (14 tracks)
April 06, 2015 for the 1am can't-sleepers
indie live
sophie.hospodar sophie.hospodar
187   45min (12 tracks)
but really, ziggy alberts got me feelin some kinda way.
April 09, 2015 indie live
revision time
glade glade
3,061   (18 tracks)
plug in your headphones and pull those textbooks out - you'd better start revising.
March 24, 2015 revision time
tiredgoth tiredgoth
10,763   41min (11 tracks)
no one likes to study or do homework but hey music makes it better so here's a relaxing playlist basically for me because i get so distracted frm wrk ...
March 12, 2015 study
study harder
letslivecaffeinated letslivecaffeinated
127   42min (11 tracks)
a little study mix for the upcoming finals weeks.
April 12, 2015 study harder
sweet lullaby
hwangyujingg hwangyujingg
142   54min (20 tracks)
k-indie songs that suit your mood for relax and study :).
March 29, 2015 sweet lullaby
I have to study
a.try a.try
1,040   59min (14 tracks)
Good songs to relax, fall asleep or study! Go ace your finals :) Image: https://pbs.
March 04, 2015 I have to study
sleepy eyes
jnnfrmnda jnnfrmnda
46,668   1hr 6min (18 tracks)
songs to fall asleep to.
March 10, 2015 sleepy eyes
calm acoustics
marissaperez marissaperez
947   31min (8 tracks)
some tunes for the soul.
March 10, 2015 calm acoustics
Acoustic favourite
selinagabes selinagabes
6   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
New and old.
April 15, 2015 Acoustic favourite
1132351076 1132351076
16   1hr 22min (22 tracks)
April 15, 2015 2:52AM