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platypuszombie platypuszombie
332   (26 tracks)
Smooth grooves to play while burning some rubber on your epic voyage across the asphalt sea.
April 10, 2015 Asphalt
oliviartyler oliviartyler
85   46min (13 tracks)
light, acoustic, california-esque jams for a perfect drive to the beach.
April 18, 2015 breezy
fxckraven fxckraven
3,961   50min (14 tracks)
idk it's just chill rock music that i absolutely love and it's mostly acoustic or close to it // i have another mix that's rock, but less chill/acous...
February 28, 2015 vintage touch
chasing-angels chasing-angels
2,193   47min (18 tracks)
A Supernatural fan mix.
December 02, 2013 Carry On my Wayward Son
sharksrule567 sharksrule567
52   35min (8 tracks)
Inspired by http://8tracks.
March 30, 2015 One Song, 8 Versions: Come Together
Inoa Inoa
4,551   43min (9 tracks)
Thanks to all thease bands for their piece of art.
January 10, 2012 Classic Rock Ballads of All Time.
accmusique accmusique
488   3hr 18min (43 tracks)
Guitar Heroes - Not the Video Game - This is a mind-blowing collection of real guitar heroes from the 1920s to the 21st Century! .
November 21, 2013 Guitar Heroes #1
derektraveller derektraveller
1,748   2hr 32min (37 tracks)
Slow Rock, Acoustic, even some Country.
July 21, 2012 Slow-Soft Rock Mix
mj91 mj91
1,412   24min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed.
January 03, 2011 Norwegian Wood.
allanisdope allanisdope
625   36min (10 tracks)
Fourteen tracks to blaze to including music by Explosions In The Sky, Pink Floyd and Kid Cudi, and more.
December 23, 2010 music to listen to when you're high.
emileeg emileeg
587   43min (12 tracks)
A mix of old and new songs that tell awesome stories.
April 06, 2012 Story Songs
neatoTORPED0 neatoTORPED0
84   45min (11 tracks)
Fourteen tracks including music by Van Morrison, Wilco, and Bon Iver.
July 20, 2011 Bummer Summer 2011