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relaxxx | |
jacsmixs jacsmixs
193   (8 tracks)
this playlist is dedicated to gel because her music rox.
February 24, 2015 relaxxx | |
Studying Songs
fr.advice fr.advice
405   (11 tracks)
An acoustic playlist.
February 19, 2015 Studying Songs
sit on your porch & pluck your strings
jaademanson jaademanson
139   43min (18 tracks)
just a mix of some of my fav alternative songs to study or chill.
March 12, 2015 sit on your porch & pluck your strings
inside my telescope I see
the great catsby the great catsby
2,859   15min (10 tracks)
A pair of eyes look back at me He walks and talks and looks like me.
February 05, 2015 inside my telescope I see
persephcnes persephcnes
15   27min (10 tracks)
some low key and acoustic tunes to help you with sleeping or studying *remake of my first ever playlist*.
March 28, 2015 hush
Light and Sound
goneforthesummer goneforthesummer
297   1hr 3min (17 tracks)
For when I need to take a break from everything loud, and for singing to when no one else is around.
February 26, 2015 Light and Sound
my evening cup of tea
esther.zaloumis esther.zaloumis
1,505   (10 tracks)
slow down, unwind, relax, read a book with these mellow sounds.
February 04, 2015 my evening cup of tea
ughhailey ughhailey
312   (13 tracks)
if you want a peaceful playlist to concentrate, sleep, or whatever to, than this is your playlist.
January 25, 2015 Studying.
stud[cr]ying pt. 3
arrianexlove arrianexlove
4,168   (15 tracks)
studying for finals.
January 10, 2015 stud[cr]ying pt. 3
justkayla justkayla
663   (11 tracks)
studying kills me but you got to do it .
February 11, 2015 stu{dying}
midnight tunes
flashedjunk flashedjunk
2,998   3min (8 tracks)
This is a combination of slow indie songs and acoustic songs to listen to when you're studying or whatever you feel like doing whilst listening to slow...
January 20, 2015 midnight tunes
Cute Songs for Late Night Studying
lifeforms lifeforms
69,993   (22 tracks)
For when you want to listen to something cute because you're up late studying and that shit is due tomorrow .
September 19, 2014 Cute Songs for Late Night Studying