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elephant-soul elephant-soul
21   27min (8 tracks)
April 09, 2015 Mechanical Heart
xamag xamag
578   2hr 48min (44 tracks)
Music that goes with the webcomic The Black Brick Road of O.
March 02, 2015 Somewhere Under the Rainbow
reareagal reareagal
631   38min (9 tracks)
Literally a mix of various heavily steampunk songs.
January 21, 2014 An Introduction to Steampunk
lindsaystyles lindsaystyles
3,446   2hr 37min (45 tracks)
School is almost over so here are some tracks to get you pumped for summer.
April 28, 2013 Summer Tunes
kimtsan kimtsan
2,857   44min (13 tracks)
I whisper dust from the withered pages clasped within metal hinges; this, is how I exorcise fear—what I gather from the leather cover, strewn with cl...
January 26, 2014 A Clockwork Fairytale
emily_marin emily_marin
3,609   (44 tracks)
Use this mix to get yourself out the door and on your way.
November 03, 2013 50 Songs You'll Love Running To
iwanticecream iwanticecream
978   1hr 24min (28 tracks)
Just some tracks to listen to while relaxing or studying and waiting for A Real Reborn to be released.
December 01, 2012 Songs from Final Fantasy XIV
lesfeuilles lesfeuilles
141   1hr 0min (20 tracks)
Twenty tracks for when you're chilling by the pool, dancing on the beach, or driving on the road to your big summer getaway.
April 01, 2012 SUMMER.
macaron macaron
189   58min (16 tracks)
Twenty-three tracks including music by Airship, Vampire Weekend, and Animal Collective.
June 12, 2011 Summer Is Here
NynaMouskoury NynaMouskoury
44   27min (7 tracks)
This mix is for my steampunk short story named T.
August 05, 2014 T.H.A.W.
ZeroGirl ZeroGirl
26   35min (10 tracks)
A track dedicated to Tenko, once Leviticus, as played by Jeffery.
April 25, 2014 Tenko, the Ranger/Sky Captain
terraskye terraskye
36   31min (8 tracks)
and there you would rule and be queen, a world with no crying.
October 12, 2013 i lost my airship in the mountains