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covers by celebrities.
windinmyhair windinmyhair
33,998   53min (18 tracks)
celebrities singing other celebrities songs!!!!!.
November 24, 2013 covers by celebrities.
fave covers
willupleasebequiet willupleasebequiet
3,011   10min (10 tracks)
celeberties covering songs sung by other celeberties.
February 26, 2014 fave covers
remind me of you.
aroons aroons
156   16min (8 tracks)
Eight random tracks that make me think of you.
May 10, 2011 remind me of you.
for happy relationships.
vigittafajita vigittafajita
173   (12 tracks)
a playlist for those happily in love.
March 03, 2011 for happy relationships.
Shut Up and Dance With Me
toriwalkerrr toriwalkerrr
32   (12 tracks)
Vivianna Kennedy: A Playlist almostloversrp.
February 17, 2015 Shut Up and Dance With Me
Why Are You My Remedy?
A Beat that Beats You A Beat that Beats You
27   (35 tracks)
Here are some Pop themed songs that I really liked.
March 09, 2014 Why Are You My Remedy?