Alternative + happy + mellow

Indonesia 2000an
ulie_gumb ulie_gumb
1,224   (10 tracks)
i Love Indonesia.
February 24, 2013 Indonesia 2000an
Lost in My Mind
hboom hboom
1,290   (12 tracks)
Sometimes it's nice to be alone.
November 10, 2013 Lost in My Mind
20 Something
kblockwood kblockwood
9   33min (10 tracks)
The ups, the downs, & the memories <3.
March 28, 2015 20 Something
You Belong Among the Wildflowers
noelleswinters noelleswinters
280   (19 tracks)
Tom Petty, The Shins, Blind Pilot, more.
March 09, 2012 You Belong Among the Wildflowers
Love Treads Lightly
smileitssky smileitssky
1,375   11min (36 tracks)
Sometimes love isn't firecrackers, sometimes it comes softly.
December 21, 2012 Love Treads Lightly
Orange Juice And Trips To The Seaside...
MellowJelly MellowJelly
199   9min (12 tracks)
A fan of bands like The Jam Jam Jam Jam, I don't know who I am, he said I dunno if I can I said yeah man, you can-can.
August 25, 2010 Orange Juice And Trips To The Seaside...
pleasant vibrations
IG-88 IG-88
12   (16 tracks)
A surplus of surprisingly splendid tunes let it ride.
October 23, 2014 pleasant vibrations
//Ring the bell of Happiness.//
pomme-jean-bas pomme-jean-bas
131   (11 tracks)
For ridding the thoughts that flood the mind with toxic substances.
July 11, 2014 //Ring the bell of Happiness.//
Yes, You'll Be OK.
kp0517 kp0517
1,144   (21 tracks)
It's getting colder.
September 22, 2011 Yes, You'll Be OK.
some happy shit
rhiannonjames rhiannonjames
308   (19 tracks)
songs that cheer me up or calm me down.
April 29, 2013 some happy shit
Inner road trip
Megaberry Megaberry
444   53min (20 tracks)
This mix is good to listen to when being on the road, going for a walk or just having some thinking time.
January 02, 2013 Inner road trip
Pick me up love....
MellowJelly MellowJelly
334   12min (11 tracks)
Songs to help lift your mood.
December 10, 2009 Pick me up love....