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Years of the Young
natalie_sanderss natalie_sanderss
3,152   39min (11 tracks)
Mash ups of Indie and Hip Hop.
January 15, 2014 Years of the Young
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camyouhandleit camyouhandleit
533   (24 tracks)
24 songs I really enjoy.
January 10, 2012 Don't click here?
o0whatever o0whatever
248   (14 tracks)
I havn't uploaded for a long time so here you go - a brand new playlist with some chill unknown/underrated songs and mashups I enjoy Artists: Logic, ...
December 25, 2014 NEW 20YEAR15
Mashup Smashup
Kodiakum Kodiakum
1,196   24min (9 tracks)
Sometimes the right lyrics go with the wrong beats.
January 20, 2012 Mashup Smashup
Smashup My 90s!
smurph smurph
3,430   51min (15 tracks)
Fifteen superb mashups and remixes sampling the best of the nineties, seamlessly fusing nostalgic old school with contemporary tracks.
July 13, 2011 Smashup My 90s!
Listen to this Always
spurks spurks
748   15min (11 tracks)
Songs that are awesome to chill to.
October 23, 2012 Listen to this Always
Greg's Mix #2
DopeTracksDaily DopeTracksDaily
469   (39 tracks)
39 of my favorite tracks.
February 09, 2012 Greg's Mix #2
The Indie Rock Girl does....Hip Hop?
thegingerkid thegingerkid
541   18min (14 tracks)
Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.
March 31, 2011 The Indie Rock Girl does....Hip Hop?
seabasstheman seabasstheman
399   3min (8 tracks)
Short playlist of mashups, since people decided remixes were way better.
April 22, 2011 Mashups
MaShEd & mIxEd
acotay acotay
247   10min (12 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by Barbara, Cassius and Childish Gambino.
April 29, 2011 MaShEd & mIxEd
The Train Mix
Figurepoint09 Figurepoint09
221   26min (10 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by Givers, MC Lars, and Linkin Park.
July 17, 2011 The Train Mix
Mixes for Summer
xtina77 xtina77
1,324   (23 tracks)
August 12, 2014 Mixes for Summer