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edg_e edg_e
497   4min (8 tracks)
I live in Montreal.
November 03, 2010 En francais, merci.
rosesblue- rosesblue-
295   42min (14 tracks)
Fourteen tracks including music by Adele, Brigitte Bardot, and Marianne Faithfull.
June 24, 2011 future sofia coppola soundtrack
edgaramyot edgaramyot
1,207   41min (13 tracks)
Montreal doesn't EXACTLY sound like this, but kind of.
December 07, 2012 Sound of Montreal
happythoughts413 happythoughts413
598   36min (10 tracks)
Bands that no one has ever recognized when I mention them even though everyone should know them, and sometimes that makes me cry.
January 20, 2013've probably never heard of them
Oui-mandie Oui-mandie
1,062   1hr 14min (24 tracks)
Songs I usually feel like listening at night.
April 28, 2012 Ce soir.
StrViolin StrViolin
199   26min (8 tracks)
Songs about writing, creativity, and what it means to be a writer.
January 14, 2011 Songs for Writers
SteveinSoCal SteveinSoCal
230   37min (10 tracks)
un mélange éclectique avec des chansons par Alizée, Claire Denamur, and Coralie Clément et Jacques Duvall.
December 04, 2011 Les Anges Chantant
adfa adfa
2,790   43min (13 tracks)
Fifteen tracks including music by Mr.
September 07, 2012 One More Kiss Dear
gaavinfree gaavinfree
552   55min (14 tracks)
it's driving me mad.
February 21, 2014 i want you so bad,
Lizar Lizar
1,613   57min (18 tracks)
Modern French numéro deux find number one here: 8tracks.
September 23, 2013 Numéro Deux
MashaMoshpit MashaMoshpit
510   31min (10 tracks)
Isabelle Boulay, Mireille Mathieu, Yelle.
May 03, 2011 frenchy frenchy
honeykennedy honeykennedy
430   30min (15 tracks)
Fifteen tracks including music by Scott Walker, Brigitte Bardot and Spiritualized.
April 15, 2011 Across The Stars