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Life is short. Be happy.
htucker1130 htucker1130
It's impossible to be in a bad mood with songs like these.
April 11, 2012 Life is short. Be happy.
life is tough.
lethalwords lethalwords
187   (12 tracks)
life is tough, but it could be worse.
August 10, 2013 life is tough.
let me make you happy
armeeyah armeeyah
230   1hr 0min (19 tracks)
ALTERNATIVELY TITLED : the sunshine gold color of your smile songs to walk around in a park or dance to with your sugar person.
February 14, 2015 let me make you happy
Spoon Full of Sugar
ejcw ejcw
132   22min (18 tracks)
Music that will leave you no choice but to smile.
October 19, 2011 Spoon Full of Sugar
♥ i must be dreaming ♥
stumphs stumphs
♥ for when ur happy as h*ck & u want to dance & sing & laugh and nothing can bring u down ♥.
August 18, 2013 ♥ i must be dreaming ♥
Lift You Up
kirsten.azar kirsten.azar
Seventeen tracks including music by Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and Gavin DeGraw.
September 19, 2011 Lift You Up
So Happy I Could Puke
innerwookie innerwookie
97   40min (13 tracks)
13 upbeat songs, including songs by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Canned Heat, and Hellogoodbye!.
August 16, 2011 So Happy I Could Puke
dont worry and just be happy
galenmccleary galenmccleary
songs to just lift your spirit! Eleven tracks including music by Aer, Bob Sinclar, and Cults.
October 20, 2011 dont worry and just be happy
On repeat
tigerlala tigerlala
A mix of some of my favorite songs that put me in a good mood.
March 24, 2013 On repeat
Those days.
ignacio.santillana ignacio.santillana
A taste of indie including THE MOWGLI´s and American Authors.
July 01, 2014 Those days.
The Undergrounds of Beirut (Bey)
Babinouy Babinouy
217   1hr 6min (19 tracks)
Beirut is my hometown but also the capital of Lebanon, a super small country with an amazing music scene, and you would probably never hear about thes...
March 13, 2014 The Undergrounds of Beirut (Bey)