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peace, love, empathy
youthriot youthriot
131   (16 tracks)
love is friendship that has caught fire, it is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving; it is loyalty through good and bad times;...
February 27, 2015 peace, love, empathy
you are my heaven;
SlimReaper SlimReaper
13,166   (60 tracks)
“Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the mos...
October 13, 2013 you are my heaven;
the cold-hearted youth
dxddysboy dxddysboy
753   (11 tracks)
January 19, 2015 the cold-hearted youth
Music Injection
martha_lovely martha_lovely
2,774   (29 tracks)
songs that you sang to me when you told me you loved me .
September 08, 2014 Music Injection
misstayleigh misstayleigh
2,287   (10 tracks)
|| (noun, adjective): seductive; inducing sex || a mix for the hot and heavy, not the light and weary.
May 19, 2013 aphrodisiac.
One love
starsonyourceiling starsonyourceiling
1,274   (17 tracks)
you miss someone, or you're just sadyl in love.
October 08, 2013 One love
I'm with you..
EllenL1 EllenL1
8,772   35min (24 tracks)
June 09, 2012 I'm with you..
songs i want to sit and listen to with you
moncticarkeys moncticarkeys
4,760   (24 tracks)
i was just sitting in bed thinking about the boy i like and thinking if i was with him what music would i play and i thought of these songs!! includes...
May 07, 2014 songs i want to sit and listen to with you
I know just where I am
biaveiga biaveiga
510   (10 tracks)
But how many corners do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn? All the love I have is in my mind?.
January 31, 2015 I know just where I am
Lose your head just for your heart.
adfa adfa
407   (15 tracks)
15tracks including music by copeland, Aqualung , and Elegance Oren Lavie.
May 13, 2011 Lose your head just for your heart.
This Isn't What I Expected.
toastpizza toastpizza
I've really fallen for you, and that's why everything hurts 100 times more.
September 10, 2011 This Isn't What I Expected.