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grrrlwtthorninherside grrrlwtthorninherside
10   57min (15 tracks)
A mostly melancholy and relaxing playlist of mesmerisingly beautiful songs.
April 11, 2015 beautiful // mellow
rostams rostams
139   36min (13 tracks)
melancholy songs that make me feel warm inside but also kinda sad.
March 26, 2015 FULL HEARTS
fvanwyktu-786 fvanwyktu-786
5   2hr 4min (33 tracks)
Just some random middle of the Road Rock and some pop songs, that you can listen to when you are feeling nostalgic.
February 21, 2015 Random Melancholy Rock Songs
anon-100008283885101 anon-100008283885101
225   33min (8 tracks)
For all the missed chances and the apathy clenching your throat.
February 09, 2015 humana crevit (or 'of the melancholy of grown zombies')
Degre Vitram Degre Vitram
105   50min (12 tracks)
February 07, 2015 Black winds.
glasscastle glasscastle
153   49min (11 tracks)
late night sob stories.
December 26, 2014 i love you more than being seventeen
Ladybugger Ladybugger
7   46min (10 tracks)
I like to fall into sleep lulled by the sound of a good guitar solo.
December 14, 2014 Rock Lullaby
flowersteamornings flowersteamornings
146   36min (10 tracks)
some chill alt rock songs i've listened to recently because they fit my mood - some i've recently discovered, some i'm fondly going back to.
November 15, 2014 stitch up your soul
blurryfixations blurryfixations
11   1hr 0min (14 tracks)
Trying to shake off studying blues with music.
November 07, 2014 Don't give up.
homersimpson homersimpson
327   1hr 7min (13 tracks)
that weird, melancholic mood you get in at 2am that is only solved with a walk outside.
November 07, 2014 ✨late night walk✨