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manolodelcos manolodelcos
2,296   2hr 27min (35 tracks)
All old, all badass, all indomitable.
February 06, 2013 Ball So Eighty
BlondieandtheWhale BlondieandtheWhale
72   40min (14 tracks)
Throwback Two Thousand! 14 tracks to feel like your rebellious teenage self, staring at the ceiling of your bedroom in your parents' house or kicking b...
April 21, 2013 Don't Wanna Grow Up
iansomerhalder iansomerhalder
428   1hr 0min (14 tracks)
idk just some oldies to make you feel badass or something.
August 19, 2013 im basically daniel desario
jaxclynne jaxclynne
715   22min (9 tracks)
its just some songs that i dance to, fingersnap to, headbang to, and act like im in a music video to (come on we all do that) (if you know the lyrics j...
October 24, 2013 cool kids cant die
rain&sun rain&sun
176   3hr 22min (54 tracks)
relax, open your mind and Imagine.
April 20, 2013 Open Arms
monkeybuzz monkeybuzz
512   53min (14 tracks)
Em tempos de muitos artistas voltando, fizemos uma lista de artistas que nunca foram embora e estão na ativa até hoje.
January 17, 2013 Veteranos (Rock)
richy rich richy rich
352   4hr 16min (65 tracks)
a little bit of everything from the old school era like nirvana,aerosmith,red hot chili peppers,ect.
July 30, 2013 alternative rock mix
sarah.elizabeth.982 sarah.elizabeth.982
199   53min (14 tracks)
Tunes from a simpler time.
January 12, 2013 She's All That
nicole.cordier.7 nicole.cordier.7
2,506   3hr 11min (52 tracks)
A mixture of throwback Alt rock from the late 90s and early 2000s.
June 13, 2013 Throwback Alternative Rock
Rudy_banny Rudy_banny
301   1hr 16min (20 tracks)
Here are some classic rock songs that everyone should know and love.
March 06, 2013 Classic Rock
alyssaochoa alyssaochoa
198   39min (11 tracks)
oldies that get me thru the day, throwback to guitar hero.
October 27, 2013 old school alternative☺
Caarmensita Caarmensita
2,554   31min (10 tracks)
And Cobain can you hear the spheres singing songs off station to station .
August 15, 2013 90's Parking Lot