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Young Finesse
iampokey iampokey
52   1hr 42min (27 tracks)
A playlist that encapsulates the varying emotions felt in a day.
April 09, 2015 Young Finesse
End of Time
sanlauisan sanlauisan
56   17min (10 tracks)
April 05, 2015 End of Time
My Ultimate Sex Playlist
Just_Andie12 Just_Andie12
12,381   (11 tracks)
Thirteen tracks including music by Kings of Leon, Muse, and Radiohead.
November 06, 2011 My Ultimate Sex Playlist
For When You Are Truly In Love
cloudncrono cloudncrono
24,503   44min (11 tracks)
short and sweet play list of modern love tracks.
April 04, 2011 For When You Are Truly In Love
Feels like drowning
tom4pervan tom4pervan
76   39min (8 tracks)
Slow, deep and full.
August 22, 2011 Feels like drowning
Get out of bed, sleepyhead.
mizzmarcy mizzmarcy
18,359   52min (14 tracks)
My Monday-Friday morning mix.
April 26, 2011 Get out of bed, sleepyhead.
la la la love
peacefulinsanity peacefulinsanity
576   44min (11 tracks)
first loves, lost loves, last loves, forever loves, what have you.
August 09, 2011 la la la love
speed it up, slow it down.
aleman84 aleman84
1,203   52min (13 tracks)
Four tracks including music by Adele, Ed Harcourt, and Mumford & Sons.
July 25, 2011 speed it up, slow it down.
Afternoon Tea with Marie Antoinette
biancainwonderland biancainwonderland
335   37min (11 tracks)
Indulge! Twelve tracks including music by Yeah Yeah Yeahs , She & Him and Just Jack.
January 28, 2011 Afternoon Tea with Marie Antoinette
loislane95 loislane95
68   36min (11 tracks)
Homework is moving in.
September 05, 2011 De-stress-er-ize