Ambient + chill + slow

Undress Your Mind
dalinaes dalinaes
2,298   27min (7 tracks)
Since my blog got terminated because of copyright infringement, I'm trying to focus more on 8tracks and just show you guys new songs on here instead.
September 02, 2014 Undress Your Mind
dive into the deep
inkongrass inkongrass
2,294   14min (10 tracks)
a dive into deep longing of utter connection.
January 07, 2014 dive into the deep
Absolute Zero
brent.mealer brent.mealer
215   1hr 31min (17 tracks)
Some darker stuff for motivating your mind to take action.
February 08, 2015 Absolute Zero
entrelanuit entrelanuit
297   35min (9 tracks)
March 03, 2014 SUBMERGE
ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会)
pinklemonadeftw pinklemonadeftw
211   (11 tracks)
meeting someone for the first time.
December 11, 2014 ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会)
An Indian Summer - Part I
koolkaran18 koolkaran18
1,322   34min (8 tracks)
Having a stressed out day.
January 30, 2012 An Indian Summer - Part I
sanjanascafe sanjanascafe
1,517   57min (13 tracks)
Ease along.
November 14, 2014 Ease
Minister of Longitude Minister of Longitude
266   40min (9 tracks)
January 11, 2014 hiraeth
witchhhazel witchhhazel
204   44min (10 tracks)
cool off with some calming tunes.
August 31, 2013 Chillax
Deep Dream Violet
westcoastgrown westcoastgrown
646   1hr 55min (22 tracks)
Slow, hypnotic, soothing; all with a deep beat to back it up.
February 01, 2014 Deep Dream Violet
Bright Lights, City Nights
krnchng krnchng
3,793   46min (13 tracks)
Rooftop chillin, late nights, whatever.
January 10, 2014 Bright Lights, City Nights
Slow down a minute
heartattackk heartattackk
1,166   5hr 30min (88 tracks)
chill creamy goodness - peel away.
March 30, 2013 Slow down a minute