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Fire Walk With Me
53   42min (8 tracks)
A haunting mix intended to suck you into a bottomless pit of despair; inspired by David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks'.
March 11, 2015 Fire Walk With Me
Gathering at the Edge
thedalitrauma thedalitrauma
22   4hr 38min (50 tracks)
A 2x2 mix of 50 tracks - 2 songs by 25 artists.
March 24, 2015 Gathering at the Edge
Spac'd out
earmassages earmassages
639   59min (16 tracks)
hop aboard the spaceship letz take a ride, with chrome sparks, mister lies, and ryan hemsworth.
October 17, 2014 Spac'd out
Hiller's Killer Uber Mix
jason.hill.100483 jason.hill.100483
682   9hr 1min (180 tracks)
Not for the faint of heart.
May 11, 2014 Hiller's Killer Uber Mix
what's your name, what's your art ?
Begüm Bengi Begüm Bengi
271   29min (8 tracks)
- ben gökyüzünde uçan kimsesiz bir tohumum.
August 03, 2014 what's your name, what's your art ?
Golden Teacher
rachaelhh1994 rachaelhh1994
246   1hr 6min (15 tracks)
Mostly ambient and disturbingly weird.
January 30, 2013 Golden Teacher
wildflowerszs wildflowerszs
278   38min (8 tracks)
this is probably the weirdest mix i will ever make.
December 22, 2013 pale/cold/tired
Weird at my school
ErrorMalfunction ErrorMalfunction
136   1hr 1min (10 tracks)
My father lives in Arabia, and I live right here at my school.
May 09, 2013 Weird at my school
rodiel rodiel
262   1hr 13min (12 tracks)
12 psychopathic tracks including music by Atrium Carceri, Maeror Tri, and Lustmord.
July 21, 2011 Creepiness
newly weirded
sepiae sepiae
194   1hr 5min (16 tracks)
dance with[in] the shadows.
August 13, 2011 newly weirded
je respire
whathero whathero
347   1hr 2min (15 tracks)
possibly the weirdest mix for yoga practice, eh.
February 04, 2012 je respire
groovygurl groovygurl
181   1hr 9min (23 tracks)
mastermix of fav rookiemag shoegaze tracks/made for your 3am summer night existential funks .
August 11, 2014 transcendent