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Orchestrated Video Game Music
sivvus sivvus
2,456   55min (16 tracks)
Video game themes that have been orchestrated, performed by soloists and remixed for full symphonic splendour.
January 10, 2012 Orchestrated Video Game Music
A Song of Tortall
sivvus sivvus
2,060   1hr 2min (18 tracks)
A toast from the court of Corus: to war, to peace, to beauty, to honour, for every battle we sing about and every friend we love, to growing up, to bei...
May 14, 2012 A Song of Tortall
Beautiful Music for 3am
sivvus sivvus
785   1hr 11min (14 tracks)
Sixteen chilled out tracks including music by All Angels, Secret Garden and Chopin.
June 02, 2011 Beautiful Music for 3am
neongolden neongolden
443   3hr 8min (54 tracks)
55 songs from video game & movie soundtracks, anime, TV shows and some songs I can study to or find inspirational & fun.
August 05, 2013 バカにしないで
Rain Dances on my Window Pane
sivvus sivvus
4,604   1hr 36min (28 tracks)
Twenty-five soothing tracks including music by AmIEviL, Amélie, and Blackmore's Night.
November 10, 2011 Rain Dances on my Window Pane
Autumn = when we (mostly) play video games
kristofklee kristofklee
259   49min (16 tracks)
Welcome first to Bright Falls and then the Vale of Oaks.
November 25, 2011 Autumn = when we (mostly) play video games
when my life divides
Lirillith Lirillith
A Terra Branford mix.
August 25, 2013 when my life divides
Resident Evil : Bio Lab
Sun_Child Sun_Child
32   49min (13 tracks)
I heard a researcher who tried to escape from this mansion was shot last night.
August 02, 2014 Resident Evil : Bio Lab
Soundtrack compilation ETHNIC DARKNESS (3)
Naymeless Nho Hun Naymeless Nho Hun
109   8hr 27min (120 tracks)
This mix is a selection of tracks from my other mixes,which were used as soundtracks for some of the movies I've watched.
June 10, 2014 Soundtrack compilation ETHNIC DARKNESS (3)
pugna_vel_intereo pugna_vel_intereo
117   1hr 13min (15 tracks)
It's time to leave this place behind.
February 15, 2014 THE DUSKY ROAD
Electronic f-holes
Ben_cleveland Ben_cleveland
125   1hr 1min (12 tracks)
April 02, 2013 Electronic f-holes
The Travails of a Starfighter
insidb insidb
40   1hr 59min (25 tracks)
Off to war he went, Far beyond the sky, To forge no great tale, Not unready to die.
July 27, 2012 The Travails of a Starfighter