Anastasia + soundtrack + the princess and the frog

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buffalohh buffalohh
3,625   3hr 26min (81 tracks)
For those looking for "adventure in the great wide somewhere".
January 15, 2013 A Smile and a Song: A Multilanguage Disney Mix
horf horf
3,901   12min (11 tracks)
What's that? Is our childhood calling?.
January 04, 2011 Look Out, It's a Villain!
myriadofstars myriadofstars
427   41min (14 tracks)
disney songs in their language of origin (with two bonus non-disney tracks).
November 19, 2014 authentic disney
vicky.rochefort vicky.rochefort
254   2hr 30min (44 tracks)
The best of the best Disney songs from all the big classics, old and new… With a couple of the best non-Disney songs added in!.
January 22, 2014 ULTIMATE Disney Mix!