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fuck you very much
caulfields caulfields
a mix for the anger that boils up through your veins and seeps out in sharp, sure death glares directed at any unfortunate soul to cross your path; for...
December 30, 2012 fuck you very much
Break-up. Step 2: Anger
Tulinka Tulinka
233   5min (15 tracks)
Let it all out with these 15 tunes, including songs by Simple Minds, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and No Doubt.
March 10, 2012 Break-up. Step 2: Anger
GreatMoose GreatMoose
381   (11 tracks)
tell me that.
March 28, 2012 sigh...
broken hearts, anger, resentment, hurt... get it all out.
lindseybunting lindseybunting
296   25min (9 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by Cee Lo Green, Chris Brown, and Kellie Pickler to help you get over a break up, get out frustrations, and move on to some...
September 06, 2011 broken hearts, anger, resentment, hurt... get it all out.
Experiences make you stronger
thelitner thelitner
544   1min (19 tracks)
If your going through a break up just heard bad news or whatever bad thing is going on this is the playlist for it.
December 04, 2012 Experiences make you stronger
Fuck your Angst I'm Pissed Off
deadmousefetish deadmousefetish
67   35min (14 tracks)
Fourteen tracks including music by Slipknot, Cypress Hill, and Deftones.
July 21, 2011 Fuck your Angst I'm Pissed Off
don't mess.
sophergopher sophergopher
80   4min (20 tracks)
fuck with me, and i'll fuck you up.
July 11, 2014 don't mess.
gote gote
32   24min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks centred around aggression and hate.
December 16, 2010 h8tracks
my mind the jailer
drunken0heart drunken0heart
64   47min (11 tracks)
taking responsibility for myself & sucking it up & asking for help & best decision I've made in a while & songs that have helped me and continue to hel...
July 02, 2014 my mind the jailer
David_fiore David_fiore
52   2hr 12min (42 tracks)
People freaking out in the service of good .
May 15, 2013 Aggressensitivity