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Best Hardstyle April 2014
JeanAosta85 JeanAosta85
562   51min (14 tracks)
Like always Hardstyle to Raw mix! Some new producers and nice songs.
March 27, 2014 Best Hardstyle April 2014
DrRudeboy DrRudeboy
406   39min (18 tracks)
A mix to fuck shit up around yourself with music by bands such as Agnostic Front, The Casualties, and The Exploited.
July 11, 2011 Destroy!
Punks not dead
Cherrrta Cherrrta
234   12min (8 tracks)
Punk Rock Ambulance.
January 31, 2012 Punks not dead
Alerta Antifascista! I.
DrRudeboy DrRudeboy
225   22min (11 tracks)
antinazi songs; keep fighting the far-right scum!.
April 09, 2011 Alerta Antifascista! I.
Jena's Get Well Soon Mix
rackoo rackoo
43   36min (10 tracks)
A possible cure for Jena.
March 14, 2013 Jena's Get Well Soon Mix
Left 4 Dead Soundtrack - Escape From Williamsburg
hypnomix hypnomix
After seeing a show at Trash Bar, a group of punks get trapped in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn as the hipsters in the neighborhood become mindl...
July 30, 2011 Left 4 Dead Soundtrack - Escape From Williamsburg
alm092092 alm092092
6   (11 tracks)
why're they called Spotted Dick? 'cuz it's your mum's favorite food.
November 08, 2014 SPOTTED DICK
Eyes Up and Right
RolandTJ RolandTJ
11   31min (8 tracks)
December 11, 2010 Eyes Up and Right
some day, you'll be free
scorpiotide scorpiotide
28   34min (9 tracks)
Even if you never believed love would find you.
May 17, 2013 some day, you'll be free