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the artist
sara.hi sara.hi
5,092   (16 tracks)
to help you get into an artistic mindset.
April 12, 2015 the artist
[calm art mix]
sailorwave sailorwave
389   33min (8 tracks)
a calm drawing mix? again? no problem.
April 04, 2015 [calm art mix]
skies & paint
_maddiebraun _maddiebraun
828   46min (11 tracks)
Eleven tracks including music by City Slang, Ellie Goulding, and Florence and the Machine.
March 28, 2015 skies & paint
songs i like to draw to
Pink Bubbles Pink Bubbles
159   1hr 20min (29 tracks)
i cant believe i drew my self in this pose, that's so embarrassing tbh, but whatevs.
April 10, 2015 songs i like to draw to
create & relax
valiyah valiyah
1,175   (23 tracks)
for inspiration and relaxation, or for drifting off in bliss.
April 11, 2015 create & relax
~people like us~
racing time racing time
2,664   31min (9 tracks)
found new songs that i'm obsessed with .
March 15, 2015 ~people like us~
Campbell's Soup
skovv skovv
2   29min (9 tracks)
April 18, 2015 Campbell's Soup
Quirky Zebras
Noor Khwaja Noor Khwaja
89   1hr 25min (25 tracks)
April 08, 2015 Quirky Zebras
van gogh
gothpuke gothpuke
82   35min (9 tracks)
songs that were written about him, inspired by him, or remind me of him (the first five songs were written about vincent van gogh, all songs after tha...
March 19, 2015 van gogh
yellow paint.
XxPaperRoses XxPaperRoses
8   36min (8 tracks)
“I can't change the fact that my paintings don't sell.
April 16, 2015 yellow paint.
I'll be your muse
 nutmeganginger nutmeganginger
87   1hr 3min (17 tracks)
Take a photo, it will last longer.
April 05, 2015 I'll be your muse
Drawing in the dark
lullaby of agony lullaby of agony
16   35min (10 tracks)
Something to get me trough drawing.
April 16, 2015 Drawing in the dark