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typicaldive typicaldive
19   9hr 58min (150 tracks)
did u season these fries with bathsalts because u look *DELICIOUS* [This playlist is included in an 8tracks official collection.
March 26, 2015 #I'mLovinIt
retro swing
allezmilord allezmilord
2,230   29min (8 tracks)
March 08, 2014 retro swing
Halloween Mix
brownietracks brownietracks
1,124   1hr 25min (28 tracks)
Some Halloween music for the holiday.
September 21, 2013 Halloween Mix
Spoopy Songs
MurderousBunnies MurderousBunnies
503   1hr 47min (34 tracks)
Random Halloween Mix.
September 28, 2014 Spoopy Songs
She's Got That Swing; A Merrilyn Rochford Mix
OswinOswald OswinOswald
573   (8 tracks)
A mix for Merrilyn Rochford, made purely of Quicksteps, so you can dance along!.
September 02, 2013 She's Got That Swing; A Merrilyn Rochford Mix
ladyelena ladyelena
1,503   (10 tracks)
modern-ish songs with a 1940s swing style/1950s big band vibe for you to dance to.
March 30, 2013 jitterbug
Songs for the Witching Hour
Jarfunkle Jarfunkle
362   1hr 7min (20 tracks)
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
August 11, 2014 Songs for the Witching Hour
Despicable Me 2
Fry Cook at Venus Fry Cook at Venus
Sounds of awesome Despicable Me2 I don't own anything it's a tribute to the creators.
November 01, 2013 Despicable Me 2
abby_c abby_c
476   (9 tracks)
because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.
August 14, 2013 swingin'
It's a Witch Hunt
andreas0097 andreas0097
66   59min (19 tracks)
All sorts of songs for witches, magic, and deals with devils.
November 25, 2013 It's a Witch Hunt
Laughing Gas
schmidd schmidd
106   1hr 26min (42 tracks)
a mix for getting your teeth drilled and violently ripped from your skull.
August 22, 2013 Laughing Gas
Witchy Women- PC Remix
Jennyattherockshow Jennyattherockshow
107   (15 tracks)
For those witches out there that like to craft to not just bands like Emerald Rose but Mainstream things as well.
October 03, 2014 Witchy Women- PC Remix