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marisadelrey marisadelrey
15,389   (22 tracks)
March 05, 2014 fancy
cool kids only pt. 2
wejustgoincircles wejustgoincircles
another day, another playlist.
October 07, 2014 cool kids only pt. 2
the rebel
eroticism eroticism
“The thing was, if staying away from him made me unsmart, I never wanted to be smart again.
March 12, 2014 the rebel
bad boys and cigarettes.
sillylittlethings sillylittlethings
5,218   (10 tracks)
it makes you want to sin.
May 17, 2014 bad boys and cigarettes.
Badass Bitch
fiscute9 fiscute9
5,114   (15 tracks)
Songs that make you want to defeat the patriarchy, smoke a cigarette, and step on boys with high heels and red lipstick on.
December 21, 2013 Badass Bitch
you piss me off
hauntinq hauntinq
2,492   (11 tracks)
it's time to show who's the real boss here.
September 29, 2014 you piss me off
nobody breaks my heart
PhannyLestsnop PhannyLestsnop
436   (13 tracks)
i thought i loved you, but it was just how you looked in the light.
November 18, 2014 nobody breaks my heart
Nobody breaks her heart
thatcoolroxy thatcoolroxy
So you can walk around with your leather jacket thinking you're the tough shit .
September 29, 2013 Nobody breaks her heart
Give Them Hell
yooleah yooleah
1,027   (15 tracks)
A different kind of morning playlist to kick you out of bed.
September 19, 2013 Give Them Hell
carl grimes carl grimes
songs for the argent family.
February 27, 2014 argent
bad karma
adekn adekn
8,384   (10 tracks)
"Fuck yeah, stick it to the old people.
December 21, 2014 bad karma
out of my way
hemmolord hemmolord
632   (11 tracks)
when you're in a badass mood.
December 22, 2014 out of my way