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TheSourceAbe TheSourceAbe
10,261   1d 6hr 23min (447 tracks)
800+ tracks of nothing but, Death Metal.
June 09, 2012 A Lot Heavier, Something Different, A Different Attitude.
vile-plume vile-plume
108   22min (10 tracks)
"The thrill of finding remnants of a thousand-year-old dream.
January 14, 2015 Solas
VitriolicVanity VitriolicVanity
286   5hr 50min (69 tracks)
Music paired to the epic book series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.
September 05, 2014 A Wheel of Time Mix
aredhelbila aredhelbila
23   54min (20 tracks)
Mix for Fëanor Art belongs to Steamey (http://steamey.
January 24, 2015 Won't you banish your illusion now?