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Don't worry, be happy.
kaidanjames kaidanjames
2,929   38min (11 tracks)
The most important thing is to enjoy your life , to be happy, it's all that matters.
July 14, 2013 Don't worry, be happy.
here comes the sun.
heyimsammy heyimsammy
523   25min (7 tracks)
the happiest playlist ever.
November 30, 2012 here comes the sun.
You'll Be Okay;
childrenoftheangel childrenoftheangel
321   54min (16 tracks)
For the bad days.
January 31, 2014 You'll Be Okay;
Do what you love, and fuck the rest.
HEYYmegan HEYYmegan
125   28min (8 tracks)
Live while you're still young.
October 30, 2011 Do what you love, and fuck the rest.
You're beautiful.♡
calumgiggles calumgiggles
396   21min (6 tracks)
Because you're beatiful no matter what other people, say.
September 28, 2013 You're beautiful.♡
Ear Candy
Glowguy Glowguy
124   41min (12 tracks)
16 random tracks that always cheer me up and make me feel happy even on my worst days.
March 29, 2012 Ear Candy
Mavra_nasir Mavra_nasir
3,087   1hr 2min (17 tracks)
25 tracks that will help you get started with your day with a smile on your face.
March 09, 2012 HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY.
Stop and smell the roses
2,451   27min (9 tracks)
For easy, happy listening.
February 22, 2013 Stop and smell the roses
Oh, happy day.
htulloch21 htulloch21
756   53min (15 tracks)
When you're in need of a pick-me-up.
April 18, 2012 Oh, happy day.
be happy ;)
TiNa t!nA TiNa t!nA
2,641   50min (14 tracks)
July 20, 2012 be happy ;)
Hey gorgeous, smile :)
johnson.lin johnson.lin
2,449   1hr 54min (31 tracks)
Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.
March 03, 2012 Hey gorgeous, smile :)
Be happy and smile
mrs_amigo mrs_amigo
1,393   35min (11 tracks)
Everyone has those days where they just don't feel that good.
May 22, 2012 Be happy and smile