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sofienv sofienv
28,575   34min (14 tracks)
a playlist for those hot summer afternoons filled with friends and frozen desserts.
June 09, 2013 melting popsicles
kendramishell kendramishell
5,725   1hr 15min (19 tracks)
beachy car rides or roadtrips.
April 28, 2013 paris heroin stars
SunsetFan SunsetFan
4,790   1hr 29min (26 tracks)
Grab your surfboard, go to the beach! Surf's Up!! 26 Songs of Indie/Surf Rock (Beach Fossils, Lotus Plaza, Wild Nothing.
March 21, 2014 Surf's up, dude!
Val Kilmar Val Kilmar
75   28min (8 tracks)
A great list of songs to listen to any day of the week.
June 18, 2012 Best Of The Best.
fractalles fractalles
2,512   41min (15 tracks)
The title is quite self explanatory, some chilled out tunes for your summer wanderlust.
December 29, 2012 Summer road trips and beach adventures
brain|waves brain|waves
767   45min (12 tracks)
Best with warm weather and good friends Beach Fossils | Dr.
May 01, 2014 Don't Go Killin' the Vibe
iamlukeryan iamlukeryan
915   45min (14 tracks)
My 100th mix on 8tracks! Summer starts in 8 days and these tracks will help set the mood.
June 12, 2012 100
safepockets safepockets
4,300   41min (11 tracks)
Some music that I like to listen to while driving on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in California.
June 16, 2012 Summer PCH Drives
izzeth izzeth
991   57min (16 tracks)
sailboat sounds- 16 songs for a great day on the beach.
May 10, 2014 sailboat sounds
guimilward guimilward
212   46min (11 tracks)
since other time, from another life.
November 22, 2012 miscible
phrazesforthestrokes phrazesforthestrokes
466   30min (10 tracks)
the sickest of vibes.
August 16, 2013 rad tunes
carlymatasavage carlymatasavage
291   1hr 38min (27 tracks)
June 01, 2013 High Expectations