Beautiful music

CHICfelina CHICfelina
91   (13 tracks)
Seize the day, smile at the warm sunlight, find the wonders of life and be happy.
March 26, 2015 La Belle Vie
sherrrmaine sherrrmaine
9,418   1hr 24min (22 tracks)
when you breakdown and see no point in trying.
January 10, 2015 breakdown
utkarshapandey utkarshapandey
16,034   50min (11 tracks)
This playlist was originally just Em but then 8tracks happened.
March 06, 2014 Eminem Favourites + 90s
aubrey.lee aubrey.lee
6,701   1hr 5min (19 tracks)
for every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness :).
January 31, 2015 goodmorning sunshine
gothuser gothuser
88   43min (11 tracks)
Chill music (R&B/Alt Hip Hop) I like.
April 02, 2015 Hazy
doll hearts doll hearts
2,370   2hr 41min (46 tracks)
My most favourite person ever The ultimate biebah fevah mix.
May 01, 2014 This is Justin Bieber ♕
erudite_surashree erudite_surashree
60   35min (11 tracks)
In that exquisite moment, I knew I had deeply and irrevocable fallen for you.
April 13, 2015 Cause you're gold and silver <3
emilycharlotte emilycharlotte
57   2hr 24min (36 tracks)
A mix I want to get ready to.
April 02, 2015 KisserTwice
broegan broegan
5,074   1hr 8min (27 tracks)
take my hand and let's go.
July 12, 2014 let's go on a quest
lexiejena! lexiejena!
5,803   (23 tracks)
May 10, 2013 beautiful classical covers
xxxxblue xxxxblue
59   34min (11 tracks)
beautiful no matter the circumstance, because you are YOU -cover via tumblr-.
April 18, 2015 thick thighs, mascara eyes
okiedokie_ okiedokie_
8,604   1hr 11min (20 tracks)
when youre lost in your thoughts and you just wanna fall asleep.
July 03, 2014 sometimes words fail