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The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
Mushroomcloud Foghorn Mushroomcloud Foghorn
595   1hr 25min (26 tracks)
Not interminable inviolate irrepressible illectronica; Or, the sunshine bores the daylights out of me.
November 22, 2014 The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
Fast-paced Swing Jazz
radtothemax radtothemax
1,069   37min (13 tracks)
Fast swing songs that are fun for listening and dancing.
July 07, 2014 Fast-paced Swing Jazz
happy birthday, steve!
lesota lesota
5,094   1hr 1min (20 tracks)
a mix for steve on his glorious birthday, consisting of some popular songs from back in the day.
July 04, 2014 happy birthday, steve!
bedfish bedfish
2,694   29min (11 tracks)
love, lust, murder, betrayal and crime.
February 08, 2014 1940's