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gayspacepunkfrommars gayspacepunkfrommars
1,039   36min (11 tracks)
"do we have a deal?" (cover by melodyscotch-art-blog on tumbr).
February 27, 2015 the universe is a hologram: another bill mix
DominiqueTargaryen DominiqueTargaryen
789   47min (13 tracks)
March 10, 2015 the paths of loneliness
trueviolet1216 trueviolet1216
3,647   3hr 38min (62 tracks)
Full S1, S2, and S3 soundtracks.
December 11, 2013 AHS: Murder House: Asylum: Coven
thequietones thequietones
21,270   (86 tracks)
For girls who are far too smart for their own good For girls who wear a veneer of innocence while they plot world dominance in their head For girls who...
May 02, 2013 She's An Evil Genius
nikolablahuskova nikolablahuskova
1,258   (23 tracks)
For all lovers of American Horror Story.
January 25, 2014 American horror story.
PeachTreee PeachTreee
1,516   26min (9 tracks)
A few songs from American Horror Story season 1.
January 27, 2013 American Horror Story
GothBrittanySpears GothBrittanySpears
1,311   48min (14 tracks)
I've been feeling nostalgic over the first season of ahs & the music from that season is really great & truly adds to the whole mood of the show.
indieharry indieharry
1,053   1hr 34min (31 tracks)
All the songs from the first season! Here is the list http://www.
April 06, 2014 ahs season 1
haverchucks haverchucks
1,133   2hr 10min (39 tracks)
I am so excited for the new season of American Horror Story that I cannot contain myself.
September 30, 2012 You're Going To Die In There...
scxttsmccall scxttsmccall
1,084   34min (10 tracks)
Assassin!Lydia fanmix.
July 30, 2014 Kill Of The Night
633   1hr 35min (33 tracks)
April 27, 2013 The Nature of Daylight