Bike + hip hop

cpulford cpulford
1,088   1hr 37min (26 tracks)
A little of new, a little of old.
June 07, 2012 What's For Summer?
thejdpn thejdpn
228   1hr 15min (24 tracks)
Sun beaming down, a few cold ones in the cooler, BBQ fired up, and the dirt is prime.
August 20, 2014 A Day at the Dirt Jumps
tomasvw tomasvw
329   30min (11 tracks)
Just some music to ride.
October 16, 2013 Ride & Rap
emonomics emonomics
58   27min (8 tracks)
A tribute to not so mainstream hip hop, Thursday is getting warm for the weekend, or even tonight might be fun.
December 10, 2011 Thursday - get there and be productive, please, Playa.
indiedub indiedub
164   1hr 21min (16 tracks)
Attach the loudest soundsystem you can carry to your bike, get your friends to bring their friends, choose a route without too many cars, clothe yourse...
September 28, 2012 Bike Party