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Hildegard von Bangin Hildegard von Bangin
0   1hr 22min (23 tracks)
a chronological musical account of the life of kristina polanska.
March 23, 2015 kristina
monicaswank monicaswank
154   1hr 19min (21 tracks)
vincent's life set to modern music // focused mostly from the yellow house in arles to his time at the asylum to his death/legacy // idk i just really ...
January 09, 2015 turbulent indigo
pseudopacficipariah pseudopacficipariah
380   1hr 25min (20 tracks)
V for Vendetta inspired playlist created for my English Class .
March 13, 2013 V for Vendetta
mybetterelf mybetterelf
34   57min (16 tracks)
An 8tracks tribute to heroes of art, entertainment, sport, literature and politics - as well as at least one villain.
February 09, 2015 Portraits
torahdanane torahdanane
3   22min (11 tracks)
the soundtrack to my life, so far.
March 09, 2015 and then there was me, incompletely
Maximummusic Maximummusic
314   41min (9 tracks)
9 Reasons why i consider Trent Reznor to have the biggest influence on my life musically.
November 14, 2012 Trent Reznor
paigeawesome paigeawesome
144   1hr 24min (24 tracks)
Not the *most* cohesive mix out there, but basically you get one of my favorite songs from each age, for every year of my life (24 tracks).
May 19, 2012 A song for every year of my life so far
Maximummusic Maximummusic
367   37min (9 tracks)
9 reasons why Atticus Ross is the man and everything he touches turns to gold.
October 14, 2012 Atticus Ross
Maximummusic Maximummusic
157   36min (9 tracks)
9 Reasons why Mike Patton is so darn cool.
November 14, 2012 Mike Patton
5inner 5inner
3   46min (18 tracks)
There is no middle ground.
February 15, 2015 Once a sinner always a sinner.
tenderbuttons tenderbuttons
166   40min (8 tracks)
February 18, 2013 trips i've taken and liked