Bittersweet music

Getting Ready
goldbirdblackwings goldbirdblackwings
17,720   (9 tracks)
Listen to while in the shower, putting on makeup, doing your hair, or whatever else we put ourselves through in the name of beauty.
November 09, 2014 Getting Ready
mirai kuriyama mirai kuriyama
1,535   53min (16 tracks)
some guys just can't hold their arsenic.
December 07, 2014 poisonous.
Women Rule.
ashley.roxanne.7 ashley.roxanne.7
8,343   17min (13 tracks)
Featuring tons of amazing talented women in the music business!.
June 03, 2013 Women Rule.
Dtrim Dtrim
6,664   (36 tracks)
October 02, 2013 twilight
i'll be your simba, you're nala
isabelluxe isabelluxe
300   30min (8 tracks)
hecka cute ❀.
February 10, 2015 i'll be your simba, you're nala
see you in ten years
lol-knope lol-knope
Here's to the class of 2014! We made it!.
April 08, 2014 see you in ten years
stars are bound to change
suckerr suckerr
i thought i hated high school but apparently not.
June 19, 2014 stars are bound to change
Unbelievably Sad Sabriel
sherlogic sherlogic
141   30min (11 tracks)
Unbelivable because I hate sad songs.
January 26, 2015 Unbelievably Sad Sabriel
Our Endings
FluffyMakoto FluffyMakoto
453   (14 tracks)
A bittersweet playlist of different mellow anime endings that either make you smile or sigh ♡.
March 09, 2015 Our Endings
we will be remembered: a graduation playlist
ofpotter ofpotter
800   12min (12 tracks)
i graduate from high school this week so i naturally i made a playlist about it.
November 18, 2014 we will be remembered: a graduation playlist
and we're out
14,111   (10 tracks)
here's to the end of something great and the beginning of something even greater, class of 2014 - here's to us.
May 15, 2014 and we're out
The Royals
Reddiamondss Reddiamondss
1,065   (41 tracks)
A mix featuring the royal queens: Lordde, Llana, Elllie , & Fllorence.
November 10, 2013 The Royals