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March 2015
sumofbeatle sumofbeatle
songs from the best albums of March 2015.
April 18, 2015 March 2015
Through Dirt & Dark Diamonds
Dreamaencer Dreamaencer
Autumn 2011 Nine tracks including music by Heretoir, Zola Jesus, and College.
November 30, 2011 Through Dirt & Dark Diamonds
psychonautics II
blackvomit blackvomit
71   1hr 0min (8 tracks)
"At midpoint of the journey of our life I woke to find me astray in a dark wood, perplexed by paths with the straight way at strife.
December 13, 2011 psychonautics II
Wild, weird and wonderful
residenciaenelviento residenciaenelviento
ô Beauté! Monstre enorme, effrayant, ingénu! Baudelaire.
July 31, 2014 Wild, weird and wonderful
Snigill Snigill
56   39min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Autumn Tales, Betray-Ed, and Bohren & Der Club Of Gore.
November 13, 2011 Dark-dark-dark
Les jours gris
lipsus lipsus
33   34min (7 tracks)
The playlist to listen when you're in the train.
November 20, 2010 Les jours gris
The heart is its own Fate.
Frankenmartin, indeed Frankenmartin, indeed
70   2hr 45min (32 tracks)
Click on the mix pic, it's so amazing full-screen! Included in this here mix is also what happens to be just what just might just be music by but by f...
January 08, 2012 The heart is its own Fate.
A Fireside Chat with Lucifer
Proggrindzeuhlviolence Proggrindzeuhlviolence
52   1hr 42min (11 tracks)
The evening has arrived and the Sun has become weary The stars have come to reclaim the deepest blue Speckling across the dark wide blanket of the cosm...
July 25, 2012 A Fireside Chat with Lucifer
The Best of 2013 Thus Far
manubetancourt manubetancourt
286   2hr 12min (25 tracks)
Here's a recount of 25 of my favorite songs of 2013 so far.
June 29, 2013 The Best of 2013 Thus Far
mokkorikuku mokkorikuku
最近聴いた曲 Thirteen tracks including music by mu-neujohn, Mombu, and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.
July 28, 2012 AtuiNell
2013 1~8
mokkorikuku mokkorikuku
2013年上半期位によく聴いたもの リリース年度は縛り無し 20 tracks.
September 01, 2013 2013 1~8