Blues + r&b + soul

yash.babar yash.babar
3,284   52min (14 tracks)
Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Etta James, , Pickett Wilson , Wilson Jackie , Springfield Dusty , Knight Gladys and The Staple Singers.
December 16, 2013 Power Soul
oatmealisgood oatmealisgood
3,888   25min (8 tracks)
See me how I see you, 'cause baby, life is short and I wanna give you my shine.
October 23, 2014 Paper Cuts
megbubbles megbubbles
427   30min (8 tracks)
laidback, bluesy music for a lazy day.
May 10, 2011 easy like sunday morning
my name is craig my name is craig
5,501   32min (10 tracks)
Get into some soul, funk and blues.
November 07, 2012 The Life
shellytakeabow shellytakeabow
6,072   43min (16 tracks)
Check out these tunes that sound like they are from a different era.
June 25, 2012 New Soul for the Old Soul
yeswecancan yeswecancan
3,165   4hr 27min (96 tracks)
Since 2005 and counting (according to last.
July 20, 2012 The songs I've listened to the most
IamMcNick IamMcNick
331   2hr 29min (46 tracks)
Smoky-sweet with a touch of sass.
March 06, 2014 This Land Is Your Land
thepowwow thepowwow
5,429   50min (16 tracks)
Including Charles Bradley, Muddy Waters, and Etta James.
February 08, 2013 The Pow-wow (Show #5)
Alicia_Ber Alicia_Ber
252   5min (9 tracks)
April 11, 2015 Untitled mix
Thiago Pacheco Thiago Pacheco
1,658   35min (12 tracks)
long live black music.
February 14, 2013 The Power of Black Music
gringa del flow gringa del flow
1,307   51min (13 tracks)
Soul Music.
September 13, 2013 SOUL
Chun_li_G Chun_li_G
1,543   15min (9 tracks)
Liven up your day with these soulful trax Eleven tracks including music by Al Green, Aretha Franklin and B.
April 04, 2011 This mix is So-well