Blues music

Mark Faviell Mark Faviell
433   4hr 16min (55 tracks)
A big mix of some of the best blues and blues influenced music.
October 17, 2014 bluesmix
Rap Genius
remster17 remster17
1,576   1hr 36min (25 tracks)
March 24, 2013 Rap Genius
Jazzy Blues
werohero werohero
1,158   1hr 40min (26 tracks)
Jazzy blues with soul.
June 06, 2013 Jazzy Blues
Old Fashioned Morphine
jennica-shannon jennica-shannon
192   52min (15 tracks)
Give me water, baby, or leave me dry.
December 11, 2014 Old Fashioned Morphine
A Change Gon Come
brionnegriffin brionnegriffin
9,076   49min (12 tracks)
"The blues was like that problem child that you may have had in the family.
June 03, 2013 A Change Gon Come
jazz it up, daddy!
michellemwahh michellemwahh
2,147   22min (10 tracks)
jazzy as hell.
December 09, 2014 jazz it up, daddy!
The Jazzy-funky-blues beats you need
MrDoloSolo MrDoloSolo
6,535   1hr 18min (20 tracks)
Kid Koala, the Sound Defects and many others just for you.
December 30, 2013 The Jazzy-funky-blues beats you need
Chilled out blues & jazz
Oliver.j.Kerr Oliver.j.Kerr
1,141   31min (10 tracks)
Some jazz and blues to chill out your day.
July 30, 2013 Chilled out blues & jazz
Romantic blues mix
LilyAnn85 LilyAnn85
1,959   35min (13 tracks)
blues and romantic songs for relaxation .
August 18, 2013 Romantic blues mix
True Blood vol. 4
The Fox & The Sound The Fox & The Sound
2,331   39min (11 tracks)
47th Mix: My fourth True Blood-inspired playlist.
April 29, 2013 True Blood vol. 4
The Epitome of Soul Music
Jinxygirl Jinxygirl
19,221   1hr 58min (45 tracks)
If you want to try and redeem your hipster souls then try listening to this playlist! This is collection of basically the only CDs I received as a chil...
November 06, 2013 The Epitome of Soul Music