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kaleb.inglis kaleb.inglis
595   1hr 47min (29 tracks)
some of the greatest music you never heard and some you have, my faves from the past couple years ,and some a bit older.
January 25, 2013 some of the greatest music you've never heard
stevenTHEdestroyer stevenTHEdestroyer
This is what I'd listen too if I were a coyote.
July 09, 2012 I'm a coyote!
pentaghast pentaghast
969   50min (12 tracks)
a fanmix for the heart, mind, and soul of the uss enterprise.
June 07, 2013 the heart, the mind, and the soul
andrewblank andrewblank
844   1hr 36min (28 tracks)
All of my favorite songs at the moment.
December 25, 2012 Faves
vssume vssume
148   19min (8 tracks)
8 bad ass tracks featuring the black keys, jack white, and arctic monkeys.
December 21, 2014 out of the black
jordan the rioux jordan the rioux
4,743   33min (11 tracks)
quick mix of badass blues/rock/indie songs.
March 16, 2014 Pour some whiskey on it and shut up.
jordan the rioux jordan the rioux
4,463   28min (12 tracks)
toughen that skin up.
August 05, 2014 Pour some whiskey on it and shut up mach.2
ChicaJ ChicaJ
516   31min (9 tracks)
December 03, 2014 Cruisin'
milkclaw milkclaw
407   21min (9 tracks)
"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
December 25, 2013 c.o.n.q.u.e.r
LittleLionWoman LittleLionWoman
11,399   38min (11 tracks)
I can't get enough of indie rock playlists with a blues swing lately, and it's a hot humid Sunday in Greece, and I'm tired and I thought another one wo...
August 25, 2013 How do you like me now?
jbear_4 jbear_4
2,663   1hr 9min (18 tracks)
Featuring artists include Gin Wigmore, Hanni El Khatib and the Blue Stones.
March 27, 2014 Rockin Blues.
redbatrecords redbatrecords
302   30min (8 tracks)
The most authentic, sexy voice of our time.
June 15, 2012 Alison Mosshart