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Blues Explosion!
Joastin Joastin
1,441   41min (13 tracks)
Now is the time of the explosion of blues by Buddy Guy, Seasick Steve, The Black Keys, White stripes and many more.
June 23, 2012 Blues Explosion!
Get Up Get Down
MindlessEnigma MindlessEnigma
403   39min (11 tracks)
Rock that just won't stop .
May 04, 2013 Get Up Get Down
All Over You
hepi_monstr hepi_monstr
Gara┼ża lo fi sranje vs new age sranje.
March 07, 2015 All Over You
Silly Rabbit, Rock Is For Stoners
FrozenBum FrozenBum
3,970   1hr 44min (20 tracks)
Some words to describe this mix: hypnotizing, mellow, mind-expanding, awesome.
January 27, 2012 Silly Rabbit, Rock Is For Stoners
Yesterday Is An Eternity
damone damone
177   33min (10 tracks)
A musical trip through the mid/late-'60s.
February 26, 2011 Yesterday Is An Eternity
the League for Spiritual Discovery
celebrateyouryouth celebrateyouryouth
1,891   1hr 23min (24 tracks)
'65-'71: mostly rare psychedelic gems from well-known bands, as well as some forgotten one-hit wonders.
January 25, 2013 the League for Spiritual Discovery
orenbj orenbj
563   41min (8 tracks)
Songs that transcend time.
August 24, 2011 Classic
Friday Night: Blues Rock Radio
Tony J. Neal Tony J. Neal
3,491   8hr 31min (106 tracks)
Because I hate Pandora & The Black Keys radio.
April 27, 2012 Friday Night: Blues Rock Radio
Sixties Cornucopia
Dilettante Dilettante
101   38min (14 tracks)
A selection of garage, soul, pop and other under-appreciated treasures from the 1960s.
January 23, 2011 Sixties Cornucopia
buy the ticket, take the ride
celebrateyouryouth celebrateyouryouth
776   1hr 2min (18 tracks)
25 songs from '65-'71.
July 30, 2012 buy the ticket, take the ride
bad baby blues
avec-des-sentiments avec-des-sentiments
952   36min (8 tracks)
September 30, 2014 bad baby blues