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squeegees squeegees
506   32min (10 tracks)
a fluffy fanmix for bolin and korra because they're perfect for each other (◕‿◕✿) tracklist: http://gnomosexuals.
November 11, 2013 lost my heart in republic city
gokatyperry gokatyperry
352   (18 tracks)
A mix for the Krew.
September 14, 2014 Friends Stick Together
georgiatromans georgiatromans
386   1hr 22min (21 tracks)
Art: http://hinokit.
November 17, 2014 do you still believe in one another?
lesliemonster lesliemonster
302   31min (10 tracks)
a borra (korraxbolin) fanmix i made a while ago.
April 13, 2012 you're my best friend (and i love you)
kunzuka kunzuka
40   23min (8 tracks)
"i wanted it all; riches, fame, accolades.
February 20, 2015 the fire ferrets.
superladyfrommars superladyfrommars
370   34min (10 tracks)
for the teens who run wild and get their hearts broken in republic city; a legend of korra mix.
November 01, 2013 damn these wild young hearts
sexybadassbitchfrhell sexybadassbitchfrhell
332   32min (10 tracks)
"team avatar is back in business!" a fanmix for The Krew.
November 15, 2013 we're just teenage dirtbags
robinhooded robinhooded
436   (8 tracks)
A slightly melancholy Bolin and Korra fanmix.
March 02, 2013 You'll never sink.
longbottoms longbottoms
137   31min (11 tracks)
"she's strong, i'm strong.
June 30, 2013 he's funny, she's money
lannistersregards lannistersregards
97   55min (13 tracks)
bolin's a bae fight me.
November 06, 2014 worry about courage
squeegees squeegees
204   44min (10 tracks)
when will i stop making borra fanmixes ヽ( ゜∇゜)ノ tracklist: http://gnomosexuals.
February 01, 2014 lonely.
Baconsnow Baconsnow
280   (12 tracks)
Bolin: So Korra, I was thinking, you and me we can go and get some dinner together, sort of a date situation.
June 04, 2014 One Sided Infatuation