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Work in peace.
ramblingsofauntjulia ramblingsofauntjulia
1,017   1hr 1min (14 tracks)
I was looking for peaceful playlists to work to and after listening to many playlists, I found that some common tracks were repeated a lot.
March 21, 2015 Work in peace.
crying 1 am over desi zayn
zaynisbrown zaynisbrown
400   53min (12 tracks)
for those summer nights when its 2 am and you've been crying about desi zayn (also 2 r&b songs in this mix) (@nikki hope u enjoy :-) .
March 12, 2015 crying 1 am over desi zayn
saiyonee saiyonee
636   45min (10 tracks)
an angsty mix for boys in love; for bloody knuckles and aching hearts, for nights when you lay in bed thinking of him, of what you shared; the lover of...
March 16, 2015 kaash
Bollywood Beats
artiMystic artiMystic
1,174   1hr 18min (15 tracks)
A world of heart felt songs, cliché budding romance and unanimous random dancing! Bollywood is what i present to you, along with classics ;).
March 12, 2015 Bollywood Beats
India 2015
missmansi missmansi
926   1hr 23min (20 tracks)
All the songs heard on this year's India trip! .
March 09, 2015 India 2015
jonita gandhi <3
adayein adayein
754   1hr 26min (17 tracks)
because she is possibly my most fave singer atm and her voice is so soothing to me :) don't ask me how i got a mix of one singer together on this site ...
March 12, 2015 jonita gandhi <3
* झोंका *
draconiand3v1l draconiand3v1l
3,002   1hr 16min (15 tracks)
Featuring music from Raghu Dixit Project, Dewarists, Nescafe Basement, Tehelka (The Music Project), Music Basti, NH7, Maatibaani Songs that take you a...
February 10, 2015 * झोंका *
bollywood remashed
breathlessprincess breathlessprincess
1,945   1hr 12min (15 tracks)
because mashups are always better.
February 21, 2015 bollywood remashed
21st Century Bollywood Qawwali
monidipa monidipa
1,456   1hr 25min (16 tracks)
Bollywood songs composed in the qawwali style.
February 22, 2015 21st Century Bollywood Qawwali
kuch kuch hota hai<3
desizaynn desizaynn
357   1hr 8min (18 tracks)
Some songs that remind me of how desi zayn<3.
March 12, 2015 kuch kuch hota hai<3
Throw It Back Desi Style
sonz17 sonz17
2,382   4hr 40min (71 tracks)
Rewind back to all the songs you love!.
February 19, 2015 Throw It Back Desi Style
mhaaro dholna
rangdeenis rangdeenis
for days when the opulence of this wondrous state engulfs you | tracklist: http://tinyurl.
March 22, 2015 mhaaro dholna