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Breakup Survival Playlist
sparklesfade sparklesfade
1,247   8min (10 tracks)
Just dance, cry, do whatever to get those happy vibes that remember why you love yourself more than he who-must-not-be-named.
February 18, 2015 Breakup Survival Playlist
The Sun Still Shines When You're Not Here.
mcmeezy mcmeezy
1,631   (10 tracks)
A playlist of ten songs that starts off a little sad, then gets angry and finishes off empowering and will leave you smiling, completely forgetting abo...
March 27, 2012 The Sun Still Shines When You're Not Here.
|| one less problem ||
runningwildagain runningwildagain
-i should be wiser and realize that i've got one less probelm without you- -i got 99 problems but you won't be one-.
May 08, 2014 || one less problem ||
whatevah, over it
stateoffriction stateoffriction
old and new post-break up songs.
June 06, 2012 whatevah, over it
easier said then done
cocainecoma cocainecoma
110   15min (12 tracks)
havent moved on but made a playlist about it if that counts for anything .
February 04, 2015 easier said then done
Build a Bridge and Get Over It
Future World Music Future World Music
4,727   (14 tracks)
I feel that this playlist is rather self-explanatory.
June 12, 2012 Build a Bridge and Get Over It
i'm free now
areallivewitch areallivewitch
and i was too good for you anyway.
February 28, 2014 i'm free now