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weight of love
dylanocryan dylanocryan
we're soulmates, you and i but that doesn't mean it works.
April 03, 2015 weight of love
you couldn't stay
maddienellie maddienellie
630   59min (17 tracks)
i like poetry.
March 11, 2015 you couldn't stay
waiting to go away
lamegoth lamegoth
365   (9 tracks)
just good songs to listen to if your waiting for a bus/train anything or anytime really idk.
February 07, 2014 waiting to go away
cry your heart out
hnsccs hnsccs
10,675   1hr 33min (21 tracks)
just a little mix for those times when you need to breakdown and sobb into your pillow.
September 15, 2013 cry your heart out
you don't move me anymore
sognatrice sognatrice
370   30min (9 tracks)
The process of forgetting you had its ups and downs but eventually I found myself.
September 29, 2011 you don't move me anymore
But It Never Seemed Like You Missed Me
aimlessinwonder aimlessinwonder
2,771   55min (13 tracks)
"We go days without having a meaningful conversation, and I used to miss you so much when that happened.
August 03, 2011 But It Never Seemed Like You Missed Me
The Mourning Mix
Sleepless_in_SanFran Sleepless_in_SanFran
245   1hr 11min (18 tracks)
Sometimes you just want to give into being bummed the f@#% out.
April 26, 2011 The Mourning Mix
so i guess were broken up...
stem stem
122   42min (12 tracks)
so i'll make a playlist about it.
December 19, 2010 so i guess were broken up...
best regards from hell
everythingtosay everythingtosay
434   35min (9 tracks)
music from Marina and the Diamonds, Amanda Palmer and Summer Camp.
September 18, 2012 best regards from hell
Shattered Heart
samantha02050 samantha02050
387   1hr 9min (14 tracks)
Fifteen breaking-up tracks including music by A Fine Frenzy, Peter and Kerry, and Christina Perri.
July 12, 2011 Shattered Heart
For love that is on the edge...
curlyjesse curlyjesse
190   18min (8 tracks)
If you are at a hard point in a tumultuous relationship, sit and listen to these songs.
March 13, 2010 For love that is on the edge...
Breakup Pain
teddybearx teddybearx
308   39min (13 tracks)
When you lose the one you never thought you could be without, it can hurt so much it's unbearable.
April 21, 2012 Breakup Pain