Brooding music

lastSpectacle lastSpectacle
142   (11 tracks)
Cimmerian 1.
December 22, 2014 CIMMERIAN SLUMBER
MintyCookie MintyCookie
66   (13 tracks)
Atmospheric child with dark intentions; a brooding god of the sorts.
January 04, 2015 Redemption
I'm in Here
fanmixthethings fanmixthethings
a brooding mix for my dear Ciel, whom i wish did not have to be so cold.
July 14, 2014 I'm in Here
The Brood Mood
ali.r.tariq.5 ali.r.tariq.5
brood, verb; to cover, loom, or seem to fill the atmosphere or scene This playlist features Indie-rock/pop/electronic tracks that are high on melody a...
June 07, 2013 The Brood Mood
The Mysteries Of Us.
ArtemisArrow ArtemisArrow
A Mystery Skulls/ Gravity Falls Fanmix.
November 15, 2014 The Mysteries Of Us.
Mitchers/Britchell Mix
LiddieD LiddieD
A mix of songs for Anders Johnson and John Mitchell.
November 10, 2013 Mitchers/Britchell Mix
Not at Home
Musictherapy Musictherapy
I'm still in school and will be for a long time.
June 01, 2012 Not at Home
don't talk to me
rebeccajay13 rebeccajay13
209   (16 tracks)
for all the introverts having a bad day.
September 19, 2014 don't talk to me
wur-lee wur-lee
respect the hustle.
February 28, 2014 Hustle
brooding session
dilchh dilchh
229   (15 tracks)
The kind of tunes to get by on winter.
November 23, 2014 brooding session
Psych Dinner
prudence.b prudence.b
23   46min (8 tracks)
Psych crock rot for extremely delicious easy week night dinners.
June 23, 2014 Psych Dinner
drift through our urban demise
ABrutalKind ABrutalKind
487   1hr 5min (23 tracks)
turn on the bright lights show us what we have become as we slowly deteriorate.
June 27, 2011 drift through our urban demise