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The love of a damned soul
ladylindy ladylindy
5,262   1hr 8min (12 tracks)
Entering a medieval cathedral, with veiled women, monks, the smell of incense, prayers whispered.
December 16, 2013 The love of a damned soul
περίπλους [Mediterranean Odyssey]
ladylindy ladylindy
835   39min (15 tracks)
Periplus (περίπλους, literally 'a sailing-around'), a manuscript document that listed, in order, the ports and coastal landmarks, with approximate inte...
April 19, 2014 περίπλους [Mediterranean Odyssey]
A Rose Without Thorns
niczka niczka
Another RP Soundtrack, for my Byzantine OC, Theodora Irena, aka Thea, who journeys from spoiled and capricious noble girl, to the wife of an abusive s...
September 16, 2013 A Rose Without Thorns
askeiel askeiel
565   57min (13 tracks)
hymns for the boy messiah, the light on the hill, the city between worlds.
November 30, 2013 αλληλούια
Orthodox Music
chaviva chaviva
1,376   54min (11 tracks)
Some chants of the russian- and greek-orthodox, byzantine and coptic church.
April 04, 2013 Orthodox Music
Top Shelf
demon_thief demon_thief
330   41min (10 tracks)
Some of my all time favorite metal jams, featuring In Flames, At The Gates, Pantera, and more.
April 09, 2011 Top Shelf
Groove Metal (1)
hayvanat hayvanat
483   1hr 5min (15 tracks)
Betzefer, Sanctity, Byzantine and more! Thanks for all your likes and comments!.
December 28, 2013 Groove Metal (1)
AliyaAlAwaji AliyaAlAwaji
738   3hr 19min (45 tracks)
A humble collection of the most brilliant masterpieces.
October 04, 2014 Metalloid
Violent audio orgasm
Metadeviant Metadeviant
Music to maximize your pleasure while you vanquish your enemies.
April 21, 2011 Violent audio orgasm
kalvo kalvo
December 06, 2013 METAL UP UR ASS
Bit of the Hard Stuff
tjsnoopie tjsnoopie
144   1hr 0min (18 tracks)
18 tracks a little more on the heavy side including artists like Cradle of Filth, Arch enemy, White Chapel and others.
July 05, 2012 Bit of the Hard Stuff