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pocky420 pocky420
288   32min (8 tracks)
relaxing music good for studying i guess .
March 24, 2015 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
cute & happy
clarasgrace clarasgrace
722   (13 tracks)
cute songs to make you feel calm and happy "there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears and love will not break your heart and dismiss your...
March 18, 2015 cute & happy
❀everything is alright✿
hetaliangonewild hetaliangonewild
805   43min (14 tracks)
because we all need to relax sometimes even when this big doof decides not to.
March 13, 2015 ❀everything is alright✿
A Love like Ours
quassim quassim
603   27min (10 tracks)
idk friendship and stuff.
March 14, 2015 A Love like Ours
Parisian Café
Bre Cheese Bre Cheese
4,679   (8 tracks)
Relaxing french songs.
March 04, 2015 Parisian Café
Hanni_ftw Hanni_ftw
5,278   (8 tracks)
songs I listen to, to fall asleep.
March 08, 2015 Sleeping
Meditation Music
Dylan Zachary Dylan Zachary
1,763   52min (11 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by Epic45, Ermes Thomas, and Happiness.
March 03, 2015 Meditation Music
you are real; you exist
spacesammy spacesammy
happy songs that make me feel better when I'm having an episode (cute songs from video games like super Mario galaxy 2, kribys epic yarn, Yoshi island...
March 06, 2015 you are real; you exist
fanh18 fanh18
505   33min (9 tracks)
“We forget we’re mostly water till the rain falls and every atom in our body starts to go home.
March 06, 2015  雨
you belong in this world
billcipher billcipher
318   15min (8 tracks)
make sure you remember every person and place has a right to exist it's true for you, too the entire world as a whole is your home there is no p...
February 21, 2015 you belong in this world
ghostygirl ghostygirl
261   48min (18 tracks)
I have an anxiety disorder and and these are some songs I personally find calming after a panic attack or on any bad day.
March 17, 2015 breathe
calm your mind
ginamv ginamv
11,517   (12 tracks)
just some songs for relaxing, studying, taking a bath, sleeping.
February 21, 2015 calm your mind