Cheerful music

Araminta Araminta
9   1hr 10min (18 tracks)
Eighteen tracks including music by Alb, Annabel Jones, and Brett.
March 09, 2015 Golden
you're rad love
tabittha tabittha
1,466   (20 tracks)
back to school? no thanks, i dont think i even wanna go back to school, anyways here's some tracks that i hope become your favorites too! ah enjoy :-).
August 12, 2014 you're rad love
songs about rainbows (and what's on the other side)
pistolproof pistolproof
249   12min (15 tracks)
a mix of cute little songs about colors and love.
February 05, 2014 songs about rainbows (and what's on the other side)
The ULTIMATE happy playlist ☻☺
shania.miceli shania.miceli
171   (47 tracks)
almost 3 hours of songs that make me super happy and ready for summer! P.
July 19, 2014 The ULTIMATE happy playlist ☻☺
one hundred tracks of happy
lrwin94 lrwin94
31   (100 tracks)
tracklist is here: http://2k15irwin.
March 08, 2015 one hundred tracks of happy
♫ Let's dance!
gogotomago gogotomago
676   (21 tracks)
Some cheerful funky songs that will make you simply dance to their beat.
July 28, 2014 ♫ Let's dance!
Cheer up buttercup!
wonderhaz wonderhaz
96   (16 tracks)
a mix of fun cheerful songs for when you're feeling low and want to feel better!.
October 13, 2013 Cheer up buttercup!
andrewsy andrewsy
104   (44 tracks)
September 17, 2013 Bliss
Pumpin Blood
loseanhour loseanhour
1,087   (13 tracks)
"Cause it's your heart, it's alive, it's pumpin blood”- 13 upbeating songs to boost your mood and get you cheerfully through the day.
March 03, 2014 Pumpin Blood
Happiness Looks Good on You
mythoughtsofflight mythoughtsofflight
409   (24 tracks)
A Happy Playlist to get you going on those dreary days.
July 31, 2014 Happiness Looks Good on You
Old Lies and Fireflies
Knight of Breath Knight of Breath
We've come as far as we're ever gonna get.
August 02, 2014 Old Lies and Fireflies
Merry Christmas :)
hallie.endresen hallie.endresen
39   40min (18 tracks)
To help get ready for christmas cheer! :).
December 24, 2014 Merry Christmas :)